Welcome to the Scaffolding Literacy wiki. You can use this space to share ideas, lessons and generally support each other as you implement lessons from the Scaffolding Literacy sequence.

Scaffolding Literacy is an integrated reading and writing pedagogy which uses authentic literature to teach language and literacy skills. It was developed by Wendy Cowey and Brian Gray and is also known as Accelerated Literacy. David Rose's Reading 2 Learn programme also has its origins in the Scaffolding Literacy methodology.

This wiki has been created to support graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Scaffolding English to Speakers of other Languages, a degree offered by the University of Canberra, (the course is offered face to face or online) but anyone interested in the use of the methodology in their classrooms is welcome to be a part of this sharing space. If you would like to join, send a request with a sentence explaining your interest in becoming a member.

I will start a page for each stage in the Scaffolding Literacy sequence, and you can add to the material on that page by clicking on the Edit button on the top right hand corner, and then start typing :-) You can link to another page in this wiki, or another page elsewhere on the Internet by using the Link button. Or you can upload a file, e.g your own lesson plans, by using the File button on the menu above. Don't forget to press the Save button when you're done.
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